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Using a Buyers Agent for New Construction

Thinking about Purchasing New Construction? 
Why you need a Buyer's Agent.

Every day home buyers head off to builders' offices and model homes without a REALTOR® representing them as a Buyer's Agent. Sure you can buy a home on your own, but aren't you giving up a lot if you don't use a REALTOR?

Before we talk about the advantages of having a REALTOR represent you when you purchase a new home from a builder, remember that usually this representation costs you nothing! According to the guidelines of the Denver Builder-Realty Council, builders can not offer incentives to buyers in exchange for not using a REALTOR. Builders pay the REALTOR's commission, and you get the benefits of representation!

When considering whether or not to use a REALTOR for your new home purchase, here are some things to consider:

An Even Playing Field

The builder hires salespeople to protect THEIR interests, shouldn't you have someone looking out for you? Neighborhood Knowledge

We are Real Estate Professionals.

This is our full-time job, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the local real estate market. We know Stapleton and can provide up-to-date market information on comparable home listings and sales, as well as suggestions on options which you may or may not want to choose to enhance your new home's value.

Technical Expertise

A real estate transaction is complicated. In most cases, buying a home requires disclosure forms, inspection reports, mortgage documents, insurance policies, deeds, and multi-page government-mandated settlement statements. Also, must builders use their own contract forms, written to protect THEIR rights! A knowledgeable guide through this complexity can help you avoid delays or costly mistakes.

Your Time is Valuable

Most buyers have limited time available to look at houses. Our knowledge of the Stapleton market can help you narrow your choices and save time when you're househunting.

We Watch Out For YOU

Because of our extensive business in Stapleton, we're out talking to builders or walking around construction sites every day. We'll keep an eye on your home throughout construction, helping to answer your questions and working with the builder's staff to ensure your home is all you expect it to be. Have you ever had to select flooring, tile, and appliances for a whole home? We have. Ever done a Framing Walkthrough? We do them all the time. We'll be with you when you sign contracts, when you have construction questions, and when you go to closing and get the keys to your new home!

And remember, usually you pay nothing to have us represent you!

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